10th March 2022 News

ESG investors warm to nuclear power after EU green label award

Europe’s ethical investors may soften their attitude toward nuclear power after the carbon-free technology won EU recognition as a sustainable activity.Nuclear will join the EU’s green taxonomy next year, potentially easing investor concerns about whether it should be considered environmentally friendly.
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TD Outlines its Climate Action Plan, Unveils Scope 3 Financed Emissions Targets for Energy, Power Sectors

TD Bank Group announced today its first set of sector-specific interim financed emissions reduction targets, unveiling 2030 goals for the energy and power generation sectors. The new commitments were released with the publication of a new paper detailing the bank’s climate action plan methodology, along with its ESG reporting suite.
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What Is a Materiality Assessment?

A materiality assessment is understanding the relative importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance topics to our client’s organization – so what is most important for them to focus on and what is most material to focus on.Read more


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