11th October 2022 News

Cos with strong ESG shining in Nifty-500 club

In a first of its kind comprehensive study by Sculpt Partners of the state of sustainability reporting by the top 500 listed companies in India as of Financial Year 2021-22. They had analysed multiple publicly available resources such as annual reports, websites, investor releases, and other filings on sustainability topics. And found that Companies in the cement, metals and mining industry report better quality data on environmental topics. Read more

Republicans Withdraw $1 Billion From BlackRock Due To Its ESG Policies

The financial times reports that multiple U.S. states governed by Republicans are withdrawing state funds from BlackRock’s management, as they disapprove of the ESG investment policies of the world’s top asset manager. Read more

Coca-Cola sponsors COP27: Buying its way into ESG or a chance for real change?

A sponsorship deal between this year’s UN climate conference, COP27, and Coca-Cola, which has been described as the “world’s top polluter” by an environmental group, has invited widespread criticism and branded as “greenwashing” by campaigners. While the company defends its sponsorship decision, but at the end of the day events like COP 27 cost money and brands like Coke should be made to fund events that have the actual ability to create change. Read more

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