12th October 2021 News

Charity Investment Firm CCLA to Offer ESG-Focused Funds to Retail Investors

As demand for ESG investing continues to grow strongly across the market, and after requests from existing clients to invest their personal money in its funds, CCLA said it planned to market them more widely.

“Our long heritage of serving the not-for-profit sector underpins our responsible and sustainable investment approach which is in line with our clients’ community-oriented values,” said CCLA Chief Executive Peter Hugh Smith in a statement. Read more

ESG 2.0 Is in the Making

Markets are not perfectly efficient. They have always encountered novel factors as evidenced by crashes such as the dot-com bubble. ESG represents an enormous and complex system of novel factors for markets. From the uncertainty around climate impact, to the consequences of ecosystem collapse, resource depletion, social instability, and political upheaval, global ESG factors are the epitome of information that will be interpreted differently by market players, resulting in inconsistent pricing. Moreover, these factors are changing rapidly as we see the impact of ESG factors on society and economies unfold. Read more

Tackling the challenge of ESG investing in alternative credit

It is often more difficult to evaluate ESG criteria in private debt than in public debt, because of lacking data availability and quality,” adds Senior Responsible Investment Specialist Petra Stassen, who works closely with the Alternative Credit team. “But effective ESG analysis can be a big help for investors to improve the sustainability profile of their investments, find risks and spot potential opportunities. Read more

Asia’s Banking Institutions Are Seeking Greener Solutions to ESG Initiatives

In an attempt to better meet ESG requirements whilst also satisfying public opinion, many of the region’s most prominent banks are seeking out banking products and solutions that are proportionately more sustainable. To better examine instances of how these resources are being introduced on a commercial scale brings to the table the likes of Thales; a provider in advanced ESG technology.

It’s reported that Thales has formed partnerships with banks such as DBSUOB, and Standard Chartered to help provide greener solutions to their customers. Here are some of the ways in which the company is working with their new partners to help them better achieve their ESG goals Read more

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