14th April 2022 news

Deloitte Invests $1 Billion in Sustainability & Climate Practice

Deloitte’s initiative will include investments in the firm’s client-related services, data-driven research, and assets and capabilities. It will also build on the company’s strategy, unveiled last year, to provide climate training to all of the firm’s 345,000 professionals, as well as to clients and suppliers. Read more

Honeywell Commits to Set Scope 3 Emissions Target

Value chain decarbonization is emerging as a major focus for sustainability initiatives at companies globally, as efforts to address the climate impact of business increasingly shift to reducing emissions outside of companies’ direct control, or Scope 3, such as those originating in the supply chain or from use of products and services, which often constitute the majority of company emissions. Read more

DWS plans to switch two Asia ETFs to ESG indices

DWS is planning to switch the index on two Asia-focused ETFs to ones that track ESG metrics. Both ETFs will have ESG added to their names while the total expense ratios (TERs) – 0.65% for both products – and respective tickers will remain the same. Read more

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