15th February 2023 News

DeSantis Outlaws ESG in Florida Investments, Procurement

According to new legislation proposed on Monday by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Fund managers for state and local entities in Florida will be prohibited from considering ESG factors in any investment decisions. Further government entities will not be allowed to request ESG information from suppliers in the procurement process. Read more

Corporate Net Zero Pledges only Add Up to 36% Emissions Reduction: Report

According to the 2023 Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor (CCRM), a new report by climate-focused non-profits NewClimate Institute and Carbon Market Watch- The climate plans of most major corporations fall well short of their “net zero” claims. It also revealed that companies’ near- and long-term emissions reduction strategies were only aligned with minor actual emissions reductions, and relied heavily on offsetting schemes. Read more

ESG’s most influential gatekeeper MSCI readies verdict on Adani Group firms

MSC Inc. will release the results of a quarterly review for its ESG and climate indexes this week, the first since a short-seller attack on the Adani Group triggered a $100 billion selloff. If it reflects a significant downgrade in the ESG ratings of any of the Adani companies, they could be removed from ESG indexes and trigger a fresh round of selling. Read more

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