18th January 2022 News

Credit Suisse Shows Flaws of Trying to Quantify ESG Risks

Among the rating agencies, S&P Global was most critical of Credit Suisse’s governance. It gave the bank just 15% for corporate governance—putting it at 725th out of the 747 banks and diversified financial groups globally that S&P rates—and far below JPMorgan Chase’s 83% and Goldman Sachs’s 89%. Read more

Fitch Ratings Updates Financial Institutions ESG Dashboard and Other Tools for 4Q21

There were only five ESG.RS changes in global FI portfolios in 4Q21, four of which were in emerging markets and two in developed markets. Governance issues, namely ‘Governance Structure’, triggered three score changes and one score change related to social issues (‘Customer Welfare – Fair Messaging, Privacy and Data Security’). Read more

An explainable product design can ensure ESG goals are achieved

Explainable product design (xPD) is a holistic framework we propose to ensure that ESG goals are achieved. The five tenets of xPD are responsible, ethical, sustainable, environment-friendly, and traceable design – RESET in short. RESET helps analyze, document and communicate key decisions made in the lifecycle of a product. It helps explain the rationale of the decisions to conscious stakeholders. Read more

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