19th April 2023 News

Over 70% of Businesses View ESG as a Revenue Enabler: IBM Study

A new study released by IBM, found that more than 70% of executives view ESG as a revenue enabler, and essentially the argument that “ESG harms profitability” is “more than a myth. It also found that consumers increasingly focus on companies’ sustainability performance when making purchasing and employment decisions. The argument that ESG harms profitability is “more than a myth—it’s misinformation that leads to poor business decision-making,” which Read more

EU Lawmakers Warn Against Relying too Heavily on Carbon Removals to Hit Climate Goals

Lawmakers in the European Parliament adopted a resolution on Sustainable Carbon Cycles, the EU Commission’s action plan to develop sustainable solutions to increase carbon removals, however warning against relying too heavily on them to pursue the EU goal to reach climate neutrality by 2050. Read more

Holcim Launches Circular Construction Platform

Leading building materials company Holcim announced the launch of ECOCycle, a new circular technology platform aimed at recycling construction demolition materials into new building solutions. The new technology will be used in a range of materials solutions to scale up circular construction and reduce use of natural resources. Read more

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