27th January 2022 News

EDM Council Publishes Study for Managing Challenges of ESG Data For Rating Providers and Data Aggregators

EDM Council, a cross-industry trade association for data management and analytics, has released its latest research, “ESG Data Management: Rating Providers and Data Aggregators” – the second report in its ESG data research series. The study was developed by EDM Council’s ESG Data Workgroup, examining the key challenges of the ESG data supply chain and providing recommendations for RPDAs.Read more

PepsiCo Europe targets 100% Renewable or Recyclable Plastic in Chips Packaging in Circular Economy Push

PepsiCo Europe announced today a new commitment to eliminate virgin fossil-based plastic in all its crisp and chip bags by 2030, supporting the company’s circular economy and sustainability goals. By using 100% recycled or renewable plastic in all packets, the company estimates it can achieve a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per ton of packaging.Read more

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