27th October 2021 News

Why Investors Should Look Beyond ESG Label

One reason increased scrutiny is warranted: Companies are becoming more adept at disclosing ESG metrics, with roughly 90% of S&P 500 companies issuing a corporate sustainability report. But those disclosures have little correlation with whether the companies end up in ESG funds, the strategists write. One possible reason: Some of the least-held stocks with ESG controversies have been the most prolific in their disclosures.Read more

Snapdeal appoints two ESG-focused directors ahead of Rs 3,000 cr IPO

Founded by Kunal Bahl in 2010, the new appointments on the board will enable it to focus on ESG. The ecommerce platform could be valued at around $2.5-3 billion. 

The total amount raised through IPOs in India so far has surpassed the total gathered in the last three years with IPOs like Nykaa, Paytm, Policybazaar expected to hit in the next few weeks. Read more

57 organizations release open letter for EU to act on ESG

As investors and organisations with global operations, we rely on international supply chains and attract capital from across the world. Global alignment of reporting standards is crucial to provide a comprehensive view of a company’s sustainability performance. We encourage the European Commission to support the establishment of the International Sustainability Standards Board and actively and urgently promote cooperation between EFRAG and the new Board. Increased international cooperation in aligning and harmonising sustainability reporting standards is essential to ensure a global level playing field. To meet the needs of the financial and capital markets, non-financial reporting standards must be global.Read more

How banks should be thinking about ESG

  • Some regulators are proposing that climate reporting by banks be made mandatory, while more front-of-mind on the social side are diversity and pay levels.
  • The ESG transition will require a balancing act to ensure that banks tend to business while embracing and implement ESG-related policies and standards.
  • Setting new environmental and social priorities are part of an economic evolution, but banks thinking about their loans in a climate context is revolutionary.
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