28th October 2021 News

As the world gathers for COP26, here’s how leaders can dispel ESG confusion

As COP26 approaches, both industry and government will seek to best prepare their proposals to address the climate crisis. Much will be analysed in the weeks to come, but the true litmus test will be the degree to which the public and private sectors commit to agree on priorities and subsequently determine how to work together.Read more

How public ESG reporting factors into private deals

The gradual trickle down of ESG reporting from public to private has come in part through greater disclosure at the public-company level. Some of that could be from the recent social movements the U.S. has seen. There’s also greater concern on the part of consumers who increasingly want to do business with companies that are at least moving in the right direction on ESG factors. So disclosures have become a bigger deal, not just in the public but also in the private space as more stakeholders want to align themselves with companies that align with ESG.Read more

Invesco launches ESG version of $200bn exchange traded fund

The $200bn QQQ ETF, which tracks the Nasdaq-100 stock index, is the second most actively traded exchange traded fund. On Wednesday the fund manager Invesco launched ESG versions for investors in the US and Europe, based on a new form of the index created by Nasdaq in June. Some of the new weightings may come as a surprise, as many tech groups typically score high on ESG measures. Yet the likes of Amazon, Google, Tesla and Facebook have lower ESG-weighted rankings than their current Nasdaq-100 weights based on market capitalisation Read more

Eka unveils sustainability and ESG reporting solution

Eka Software Solutions, a cloud-based enterprise-solutions provider, has announced the introduction of Sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting solution to help enterprises comply with operational and compliance best practices.

This solution was introduced as part of the firm’s long term vision to unify critical business processes from procurement to payments, to provide enterprises an in-depth view of their business for greater agility and faster decision making, it said Read more

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