31st December 2021 News

Sensoro Launches Innovative ESG Solutions Serving Smart City Development

Recently, SENSORO, an IoT and artificial intelligence unicorn company from China, announced the release of a new ESG solution brand named “SENSORO SOLUTION”. The program aims at climate monitoring, ecological protection, livelihood improvement, animal welfare, garbage classification and other applications.Read more

ETF investors want impact with ESG allocations, survey finds

Investors are aligning themselves with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) when allocating to ESG, according to a survey conducted by ETF Stream and Amundi. Read more

ESG shares underperform oil and gas in 2021

Oil and gas shares — knocked early in the pandemic and increasingly shunned by eco-conscious investors — have this year eclipsed the stock markets’ in-vogue environmental, social and governance-focused companies.Read more

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