8th December 2022 News

99% of Public Companies Expect to Invest in ESG Reporting Tech & Tools in Next 12 Months: Deloitte Survey

Deloitte commissioned an online survey of 300 senior finance, accounting, sustainability, and legal executives, and conducted interviews of companies with revenues greater than $500 million. The survey found that 57% of companies have already implemented a cross-functional working group tasked with driving strategic attention to ESG. And almost all (99%) respondents said that they were likely to invest in more disclosure-focused technology and tools in the next 12 months. Read more

Investment Giant Vanguard Pulls Out of ‘Net-Zero’ ESG Initiative

Vanguard is pulling out of a major investment-industry Net Zero Asset Managers (NZAM) initiative on tackling climate change in order to show that it acts independently and to provide clarity on its views to investors. NZAM was launched in late 2020 to encourage fund firms to reach net zero emission targets by 2050. Read more

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