8th October 2021 News

ESG Funds Outperform Their Peers

In no way does sustainable investing reject the fundamental principles of money management. In fact, it adds to it and compliments it. It also takes into account inclusivity and considers diverse stakeholders, their participation, contribution and growth, which in turn leads to a well-rounded and more wholesome business model. The idea is to invest money in areas and businesses that promote positive societal and climate impact, responsible corporate governance, and inclusive policies, while taking a long-term view on financial returns. Read more

We have to lead sustainability indicators: SBI Chairman Dinesh Khara

Of late large Indian conglomerates have been focussing on ESG fundraising that comes cheap but with an onus to deploy money on dedicated pockets. “We completed our analysis of 500 listed companies and dissected the data threadbare, it dawned upon us that there are great achievements that are worth talking about,” said Sankara Chakraborti, Chairman more

Canada Lags and EU Leads in ESG Financing Arena, ISF Says

Canada has its own initiatives underway in terms of looking at improving the disclosure that comes into play with financial products, such as mutual funds. So I think we will see development in that area,” Margaret Childe, head of ESG Canada at Manulife Investment Management Ltd., said in an interview.  “As an asset manager, we are very closely following the EU regulations. Read more

Uptick in ESG India assets, as value rises nearly three-fold year-on-year

India is seeing early signs of pickup in demand for ESG funds. The assets under management of such funds have grown 190 per cent to $2.02 billion at the end of August 2021 from $699 million the previous year, data from Refinitiv shows.

Similar to the broader market, ESG products sold off at the outset of the pandemic but the global crisis, coupled with continued climate and social concerns, has resulted in fervent interest in ESG investing. There are 22 Indian ethical funds as compared to 148 in Belgium, Pakistan (159), China (162), Germany (352), US (612) and Luxembourg (2135). Read more

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