PepsiCo is all set to become Net Water Positive by pledging to restore more water than it uses in high-risk regions and to offer clean water access to 100 million people by 2030.

PepsiCo announced a variety of measures to implement the Alliance for Water Stewardship Standard, including significant efficiency gains, with a projected 50 percent decrease in water consumption at PepsiCo facilities, to avoid using 11 billion liters of water per year.

The start of a new initiative in cooperation with the NGO Water Aid to deliver clean water to households in Sub-Saharan Africa, to focus improved water infrastructure, new water supply systems, equitable sanitation facilities, and to promote hygiene education.

Its philanthropic arm, The PepsiCo Foundation, is likewise launching a new $1 million programme with NGO Water-Aid to deliver secure water to households in Sub-Saharan Africa – increasing its 15-year antique secure water get admission to initiative that reaches fifty nine million humans in over 20 countries, the liquids primary stated in a statement.

Jim Andrew, Chief sustainability officer said “Water shortage is intimately related to the climate problem, and we at PepsiCo think that a global effort to be “net water positive” is critical. We are committed not just to ensuring that people all around the globe have access to this essential resource, but also to emphasising water conservation in all of our activities.”

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