ESG is the new storm in property development.

We hold close to heart, our eco-centric developments, and continue to play a role in conserving the environment, empowering communities and positively influencing the locations in which we operate,’’ according to S P Setia Berhad a Malaysian property, and infrastructure company.

The outbreak of Covid19 pandemic has embarked the importance of an enabling climate and living space for all, with a growing trend in environmental, social and governance planning (ESG) for sustainability and containment of environmental change. As ESGs have become the driving force behind the development of property values, new work and living standards have also influenced the design of a safe and spacious home. In the future, ESG will play a greater role in real estate. If future issues are taken into consideration, the decision factor claims that it may even lead to a greater return on investment. Because future challenges are already being considered, it is becoming increasingly likely that this will result in improved investment performance. S P Setia views ESG initiatives, especially in conserving the environment, as an investment for the future, while maintaining its business sustainability. Read more

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