ESG, launches ESG India Leadership awards, India’s first ESG rating authority, has announced the first issue of the India ESG Leadership Awards. The awards are aimed at recognizing sustainable Indian companies and their achievement in ESG. Companies will be recognized for their achievements on 21 ESG themes, including overall excellence in the reports Environment, Society, Governance and transparent reporting. U K Sinha from Great Britain, former Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and India’s leading authority on corporate governance and capital markets, will be honouring the event with the title of “How to Become a Top Guest.” Sankar Chakraborty, President of and CEO of the Acuite Group, said: “The core business of is to provide companies with ESG ratings and to spread the benefits of ESG risk assessment and management. India 3600, a real-time ranking database of the 500 largest publicly traded companies, can be used by investors, bankers and corporations to track the performance of ESG companies in India. I AM The ESG India Leadership Awards is our initiative to showcase ESG leaders in India, highlight their success stories and celebrate their ESG achievements, inspiring more companies to integrate ESG into their core business”.Read more

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