It is time that ESG is no longer seen as a business practice but business itself

Driven by this investor and consumer activism, many industries and large enterprises are now waking up to the importance of stepping up performance on ESG parameters. However, it is a challenge to retrofit ESG into businesses with a legacy of a high carbon burden, like some heavy industries.

Business groups are making rapid progress as well. In line with their ESG goals- Vedanta Aluminium, has been progressive including plans to address its massive energy needs through green energy for addressing its massive energy needs. Recently, it became India’s largest; green power purchaser at the IEX Green Market, setting a new benchmark for comparable industrial players. Climate action initiatives across its operations have resulted in energy conservation of 1.4 million GJ and GHG savings of 0.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) in FY 20-21. Not just this, Vedanta Aluminium has recycled 16.5 billion liters of water in the last fiscal and conserved nearly 700 million L of water, a feat for a comprehensive continuous process industry player of this scale. Read more

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