Schroder to Provide Sustainability Data

Our aim is to be at the forefront of responding to market demands and ensuring investments remain suitable for our clients’ needs. Our two published Assessment of Value reports have described Schroders approach to sustainable investing.  We are now going one step further by including sustainability data for all of our funds. We see this as an opportunity for Schroders as an active manager to differentiate ourselves by enhancing transparency around sustainability and demonstrate additional value to our clients.”

Schroders announced to include sustainability data at an individual fund level, beginning with its next Assessment of Value Report (AoV), to be published in April 2022. According to a recent announcement, Schroders stated that it is enhancing the transparency of its sustainable and impact investing related information by adding individual fund level sustainability data, as well as insights around active ownership. Schroders developed a platform called impactIQ, encompassing the firm’s proprietary tools SustainEx, Carbon Value at Risk (VAR) and ThemeX, aiming to enables investors to understand the direct impact their investments are having on society and the environment.

As per Schroders, the supportability and effect information in its forthcoming AoVs will be upheld by impactIQ, and will likewise be reflected for applicable assets in the association’s asset factsheets.Read more

ESG Chronicle Team