The social media company announced that it will achieve net zero emissions with the intention of restoring more of the water it uses by 2030.

Facebook invested in renewable energy and is committed to achieve zero emissions throughout the value chain by 2030. Moreover, Facebook announced a new goal of water positive, which means Facebook will return more water to the environment than it consume to develop water stewardship strategy.

In United States, Facebook is operating some of the water restoration projects. The company said that in addition to these projects, it will continue to look another ways to reduce water use in all areas of its operations. The company says its technology is keeping data centres cool with outside air, allowing them to operate on average 80% more efficient in terms of water consumption compared to the industry standard.

Sylvia Lee, Sustainability Strategy Manager at Facebook, says she uses local water sources, but will also study high-risk areas that face the biggest water supply challenges.

The company plans to review its water restoration efforts through LimnoTech, a sustainability consultancy. Facebook will keep the public informed of its efforts through annual sustainability reports.

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