The UK government has announced to grant £ 4 million fund for its innovative Biomass Feedstock Innovative Program, include sustainable biomass production using whiskey by-products.

Today, ground-breaking work to limit the environmental impact of biomass feedstock has been strengthened with a £ 4 million grant that funds a number of cutting edge projects to explore everything from the potential uses for algae and seaweed to how they use whiskey by-products for energy.

The government has committed £ 4 million to stimulate biomass growth by identifying commercially viable innovations to improve crop bioenergy by co-cultivating microalgae with bacteria using wastewater from the brewing and dairy industries. It will play an important role in the transition to a zero net emission economy. Ministers targeted on implementing “transformational change” in biomass production as a part of the government’ strategy to cut back carbon emissions.

The competition was launched in March and aims to promote sustainable biomass production in the UK. Energy Secretary Lord Callanan stated that “Working to develop new and greener types of fuel like biomass is an important part of building a diverse and green energy mix that we will need to achieve our climate change targets. “We support UK innovators in acquiring their own biomass feedstock as part of our broader plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

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