12th April 2023 News

Chipotle Launches All-Electric, 100% Renewable Energy-Powered Restaurants

Chipotle Mexican Grill announced the launch of a new all-electric restaurant design, utilizing 100% renewable energy to reduce emissions from energy use, and designed to maximize energy efficiency in its equipment and systems. Read more

Apple Increases Clean Energy Use in Supply Chain 30% in One Year

Apple has reported significant progress towards its goal to decarbonize its value chain, announcing that the use of renewable electricity by its manufacturing partners increased by nearly 30% in 2022. Read more

UK’s New Rules to Raise Standards for ESG Benchmarks

Last month, the FCA published a letter to ESG benchmark administrators outlining shortcomings identified in its preliminary review, including insufficient detail on the ESG factors considered in benchmark methodologies and a failure to fully implement ESG disclosure requirements. Read more

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