12th July 2022 News

Bloomberg Survey: Financial Firms Still Early Stage on Climate Risk Integration, Lack Consensus on What to Measure

According to the survey, most firms are aligned on the need to incorporate climate risk, with 85% reporting that they have begun climate risk assessment processes. The survey found, however, very few have moved beyond the planning phase, and only one in twenty was able to assess climate risk in advanced stage .Read more

Germany Enshrines 80% Renewable Electricity Target into Law

The legislation forms a major part of the new German government’s clean energy strategy, which aims to boost the country’s efforts to address climate change. It will accelerate Germany’s phase-out of coal by several years and will ultimately help in achieving carbon neutrality by 2045.Read more

ESG’s hidden enemy is bad data

Asset managers need to take day-to-day decisions in response to fluctuating market risks and prices, but this is at odds with the frequency of public non-financial disclosures. The EY global institutional investor survey shows that 46% of asset managers view the lack of real-time information as a limitation on the value of ESG data, compared with 41% of insurers and 35% of banks.Read more

ESG Chronicle Team