15th March 2023 News

H&M Launches Online Secondhand Garment Resale Shop

Fashion retailer H&M U.S. announced the launch of H&M Pre-Loved, a new branded shop offering second hand garments, and marking the company’s first resale business model in the U.S. This new venture is part of a series of initiatives by H&M Group to improve fashion circularity. Read more

EU Lawmakers Vote to Require all Member States to Cut Emissions by 2030

The European Parliament announced that it has adopted a revised Effort Sharing Regulation, including a first-ever requirement for all EU member states to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, and raising the EU’s overall 2030 emissions reduction target to 40% which was earlier 30% compared to 2005 levels. Read more

SVB Exposes ‘Lazy’ ESG Funds as Hundreds Bet on Doomed Bank

For the ESG investment industry, the collapse of SVB may go down as a textbook case of what happens when an asset manager tries to build a climate portfolio without doing proper due diligence on social and governance risks. Read more

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