16th May 2023 News

Only 20% of “Sustainable” Investment Funds Meet Proposed Anti-Greenwashing Criteria: Study

According to a new report released by sustainability technology platform Clarity AI, the large majority of sustainability-labelled investment funds classified as Article 8 under the EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) would meet the criteria of new proposed fund labelling rules aimed at reducing greenwashing risk. The report also found that barely any funds labelled as ‘sustainable’ would meet the proposed fund naming rules across the EU, UK and U.S. Read more

EU Parliament Proposes Ban on Green Claims Based Solely on Carbon Offsetting

European parliament has proposed new rules according to which, companies will be required to ensure the reliability of their voluntary environmental claims, which will need to be independently verified and proven, while companies will be also be required to identify environmental impacts relevant to their products, and to identify any possible trade-offs. Read more

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