17th January 2023 News

UK Bans Single-Use Plastic Plates and Cutlery

According to a statement released by Environment Secretary, Single-use plastic plates, bowls, forks and knives etc., will be banned from sale in the UK from October 2023. UK’s (DEFRA) Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs estimates that approx. 2.7 billion items of single-use cutlery and more than 720 million single-use plates are used in England annually, out of which only 10% is recycled. Read more

97% of Top Execs Expect Climate Change to Impact Company Strategy & Operations: Deloitte Survey

According to a new survey released by Deloitte, almost all high-level executives at large companies around the world expect climate change to impact their organizations’ strategy and operations over the next three years. The top issues already affecting their businesses including resource scarcity, changing consumption patterns and carbon taxes. Read more

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