1st October 2021 News

Calpers, Carlyle in ESG Data Push for $4 Trillion of Funds

Private equity has been the highest performer for Calpers, but these are private companies,” Frost said in an interview. “Even if you are a private company, limited partners do need some transparency into how these companies are managed.” The push could ultimately guide how investment dollars are allocated. Currently, investors must individually ask their money managers track such data. Carlyle’s

Megan Starr said that in a one-month span, her firm received more than 40 such requests for information, each asking for different sustainability metrics. Read more

Does your cryptocurrency investment fulfil ESG criteria?

Yes, bitcoin consumes a fair amount of energy. However, what’s not being said is that bitcoin is as green as its energy source. Just like Electric vehicles, bitcoin too can be mined using 100% non-fossil fuel-based energy. A recent study from the Bitcoin Mining Council shows that 56% of the energy used in global bitcoin mining is from renewable sources.

Besides, for a technology that is at the forefront of revolutionizing the entire global financial system, the energy is well spent, According to Cathie Wood, CEO of Ark Invest, “Bitcoin is much more environmentally friendly than the traditional gold mining or financial services sector it seeks to replace. Read more

How Family Offices Make an Impact with ESG

Asian family offices are increasingly pursuing ESG-aligned investments for better investment outcomes and alignment with their stakeholders’ beliefs. According to a recent MSCI 2021 Global Institutional Investor survey, around 79 percent of investors in Asia Pacific increased ESG investments significantly or moderately in response to COVID-19. 

However, implementing ESG themes in investment portfolios can seem complex, leaving many Asian family offices or high net worth individuals new to ESG investing wondering how to begin. Read more

Blockchain Companies Team Up To Track ESG Data

Companies can now comprehensively collect ESG data and report to private entities and public audiences,” said Kim Raath, founder and CEO of Topl. “This partnership combines the power of our two complementary solutions to support a new level of transparency for companies that desire to showcase their fully verifiable progress on crucial ESG metrics. Tracking ESG metrics and maintaining ethical, sustainable business practices have become top priorities for investors, analysts, governments, executives, and economic development agencies. The collaboration from Data Gumbo and Topl gathers data from business operations and transactions, uses that data to inform calculations based on defined standards, and then enables the complete review and certification of ESG metrics by auditors. Read more

Banks Are Really Cashing In on ESG Bonds

The numbers provide further evidence of the seemingly unrelenting cascade of money pouring into environmental, social and governance investing. About $750 billion of ESG-related bonds have been issued this year, compared with $468 billion during all of 2020, Bloomberg data show. Whether those bonds actually fund what they say they fund is another question, given the growing phenomenon of greenwashing, as industries scramble to mollify governments and consumers increasingly attuned to the consequences of climate change. Read more

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