26th March 2024 News

EIB’s ESG Score to Be Re-Evaluated if New Weapons Policy Agreed, Morningstar Sustainalytics Says

As per Morningstar Sustainalytics, The European Investment Bank’s top-notch ESG score would need to be re-evaluated if it bows to pressure and starts explicitly funding weapons and ammunition, one of the world’s leading ESG rating firms, Read more

Microsoft Signs 95,000 Ton Biochar Carbon Removal Deal with Climate Solutions Startup The Next 150

Microsoft and climate solutions provider The Next 150 announced that they have signed a 6-year offtake agreement, with Microsoft purchasing 95,000 tons of carbon removal credits generated by a new biochar production facility in Mexico. Biochar which is produced by heating biomass, such as forest residue, wood or crop waste, in the absence of oxygen, creates a stable form of carbon, when buried in soil enables carbon sequestration, in addition to leading to improved soil fertility.Read more

ESG Chronicle Team