26th October 2021 News

Is ESG investing really socially responsible?

Plenty of people would be surprised to learn the fossil fuel-free fund they’ve got their 401(k) in isn’t so fossil fuel-free,” writes Emily Stewart, a senior reporter at Vox.

Last year, assets under management using sustainable investing strategies in the United States reached $17.1 trillion. That’s according to a report out of the Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment, and the number is cited in Stewart’s article on the socially responsible investing trend.Read more

Advisers including ESG in client fact finds improves

Next Wealth managing director Heather Hopkins said: “We are seeing far more confidence among financial professionals about discussing ESG and this confidence is reflected in the data.

“While there is a growing interest in ESG by some clients, our discussions with advisers for this report highlighted that it’s undoubtedly regulatory change that is the biggest driver for advisers to raise the topic with clients.”Read more

The Morning Briefing: Peak ESG and understanding vulnerable clients

Consumer needs, rather than nice-to-haves, have become all-too-apparent as consumers have got caught up in crisis after crisis. The figures suggest the very real rise in the cost of living is starting to bite too with sales lower overall – giving us the longest period of consecutive monthly falls on record.Read more

European ESG funds found not to charge higher fees

Several analyses reveal that there is no fee premium built into active or passive ESG funds, indicating previous criticism that such funds charge higher fees than their non-ESG counterparts is now inaccurate. Morningstar data shows that ETFs categorised as sustainable in five out of six large fund categories charge lower average annual fees than non-ESG funds in Europe.Read more

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