29th July 2022 News

Last Minute US Senate Deal Set to Unlock $370 Billion for Climate Action

A surprise deal which may unlock $370 billion in investment on renewable energy, energy security and climate-focused initiatives was announced in US senate. The deal to add climate provisions to the proposed “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022,” also includes deficit reduction, corporate tax and pharmaceutical price reduction measures. The bill is supported by 50 senate Democrats .Read more

Singapore Unveils Disclosure Rules for ESG Funds to Reduce Greenwashing Risk

The new rules are a result of increasing interest of investor in ESG , driving a proliferation of investment products and services marketed as ‘green’ or ‘sustainable,’ but without clear rules communicating to investors the actual ESG-related attributes, methodologies and criteria that are being considered in the funds.Read more

A Check-in on the Hotel Sector’s ESG Initiatives – CBRE

Pandemic and ESG acceleration along with Rising energy costs ,cost of electricity being 10% higher since May 2021, are likely to fast-track the industry’s focus on sustainability, particularly given the shift in traveler preferences toward more sustainable tourism and green accommodations and the growing demand for disclosure around climate risk.Read more

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