29th June 2024 News

7 Ways to Align Your Website to Your ESG Commitments

In this article, ways to align the website of a company’s and its digital presence to their ESG commitments are given. This alignment occurs across two main dimensions; first, that a company’s ESG record is presented optimally; and second, that its website and digital footprint is managed in such a way that is consistent with the ESG commitment.Read more

ISO to Launch Global Net Zero Standard

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has reportedly commenced work on the development of a new international standard on net zero, aimed at providing clarity and credibility to organizations’ net zero targets and strategies, and to guard against greenwashing. Read more

More than 400 firms adopt TNFD recommendations for nature disclosure

The TNFD recommendations intend to mitigate the industrial impact on nature by encouraging comprehensive reporting on businesses’ environmental footprint and properly integrating nature-related considerations in their strategies. In turn, this gives investors access to better-quality data. TNFD has revealed that 96 more organisations are now aligned with the framework, bringing the total number of organisations to 416.Read more

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