2nd February 2023 News

California Lawmakers Propose Law Requiring Companies to Disclose Full Value Chain Emissions

Almost all large U.S. corporations – may be required to disclose their full value chain greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, if new proposed legislation introduced in the state Senate is passed. The new bill would require companies with revenues greater than $1 billion to report annually on their emissions from all scopes- Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3. Reporting obligations would begin in 2026. Read more

New York to Require Uber & Lyft to Have Zero Emissions Fleets by 2030

NYC Mayor Eric Adams announced that Uber and Lyft will be required to have zero emissions fleets in New York City by 2030. Adams said that the city will work with the companies on the initiative to transform the more than 100,000 vehicle fleet, without adding financial burdens to drivers. . Read more

Budgeting ESG Synergy

Under the Indian Budget 2023, the ‘Green Growth’ aspect of the Saptrishi and the introduction of circular economy in the budget is a laudable effort on the part of GOI in building a green economy. There is increased burden on corporations in the context of reporting. Read more

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