6th October 2021 News

GRI Launches New Updates

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), one of the leading organizations promoting standardized ESG reporting, announced today the launch of the revised Universal Standards. The publication marks a major update to the organization’s sustainability reporting standards, incorporating human rights disclosures and applying a due diligence approach addressing the major sustainability risk areas. GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards are the most commonly accepted global standards for sustainability reporting by companies, developed to enable consistent reporting across companies and industries, providing clearer communication to stakeholders regarding sustainability matters. The standards are available for reporting across a wide range of ESG-related topics, ranging from anti-corruption practices to biodiversity and emissions. Read more

ESG – A groundswell that’s here to stay

ESG began as a grassroots movement ten years ago. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) problems, such as carbon footprint measurement, socially responsive company policies, and ethical supply chains, may have been championed by activist employees or customers ten years ago, but they were not a commercial goal for most companies. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) challenges have become more prominent as a result of social change, technological advancements, and the capacity to demonstrate ROI. But there’s more: this year, communities all over the world have been debating critical issues like gender and racial injustice. Read more


India is on track to meet its Paris Climate Agreement commitments and probably outperform its NDCs in critical sectors as well. The UN believes that the contributions of the youth will further “breakthrough innovations to protect India and the world, especially the most vulnerable, from the impact of climate change.”

During the G20 meet, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Today, India is the only country in the group of G20 countries, which is moving fast towards achieving its climate goals. India has set a target of 450 GW of renewable energy by the end of this decade – 450 GW by 2030. Of this, the target of 100 GW has been achieved by India ahead of schedule.” Read more

General Motors Is an ESG Play Now

GM has found a new life as an ESG play,” Christopher Marangi, Gamco’s value co-chief investment officer, said Tuesday on Bloomberg TV’s Surveillance. “We do have a sustainability fund that owns it in part because of their commitment to electrification. Mary Barra has been pretty vocal about that obviously, and it looks like it’s for real,” he said, referring to GM’s head. Read more

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