AGL Australia is all set for decarbonized future

Building on the existing commitment to achieve 100% emission reductions by 2050 at all levels of FY2020.AGL Australia will support reforms to introduce and integrate distributed energy, electric vehicles and demand distribution, as well as the development of a flexible next generation investment sector and reduce energy costs for customers.

The AGL board proposed splitting the company into two distinct energy businesses through rotation as the first stage in the process. Accel Energy will convert its producing assets to become Australia’s largest primary power supplier. AGL Australia would be the country’s largest energy-led multi-product retailer of critical services, investing in flexible energy trading, storage, and supply, as well as decentralized energy services.

Both the organizations will have the opportunity to full-fill and develop AGL’s climate commitments, and each will play a key role in supporting the growth of Australia’s energy system.Read more

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