Appointment of Counsellors for Conducting Awareness Programs on ESG (Sustainability) in Schools and Colleges

The ESG Research Foundation (ERF) is a not-for-profit organisation incorporated in 2021 with the objective of increasing awareness and adoption of the growing importance of the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects of the business operations, both within public and private sector.

The prime aim of the Foundation is to work alongside government bodies, private and public sector businesses, institutions and societies to support their transition to more sustainable operations and in-turn enable achievement of India’s ESG and climate related goals. ERF provides support in relation to an organization’s end-to-end ESG requirements across their value chain, from initial assessment to policy setting to supporting with implementation as well as eventual reporting. ERF also works with senior management of corporates and regulatory bodies to develop strategic frameworks and establish short- to long- term ESG goals. We also recommend strategies to realize benefits of ESG opportunities and mitigate any identified ESG risks.

As we all are aware that our planet is undergoing crisis from climate change, pollution, loss of biodiversity, depletion of resources, disruption of ecological balance. The longer we continue with unsustainable development, the more severe will be the consequences. It is high time to take action to repair the damages that humanity has done to the planet.

It is our responsibility to inculcate the seed of sustainability among the students, being the youth and the future of the nation.  Once, the youngsters understand the problem and are empowered to take appropriate actions, they can truly make a difference.  In this regard, The Foundation is launching an awareness program focusing on the value of fostering and preserving the nature and its resources to protect the planet from further deterioration. This initiative will not only help in saving our mother Earth but also will help the students in building their careers in the field of Sustainability.

The Foundation is in the process of appointing Career Counsellors for conducting such programs at schools and colleges all over India.

Eligibility: Post-graduates, Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Company Secretaries.


Age:  Minimum 25 years

Skillsets Required

  • Should have proficiency in English and Hindi and in local language of the respective city assigned.
  • Should have good presentation and communication skills and should be competent enough to conduct Power Point Presentation during sessions.



Rs. 5000/- will be paid per session – per school/college. In a day maximum two session can be planned – Morning and afternoon session. The amount is inclusive of conveyance and all other charges. Those who will be selected, will be trained and provided with standard PPT and other guidance notes for covering the session of about 1 hour.