Delivery firm aims to improve air quality and increase the range of its electric delivery vans by using tyres that emit less particles.

Royal Mail recently announced to try greener, more efficient tyres on 15 of its battery-powered delivery vans in London to reduce particle emission from its electric vehicle fleet (EV).

As part of the sustainable goal, Royal Mail plans to convert its corporate cars to electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030 to become a net-zero carbon emission corporation with a 100 percent alternative fuel fleet. By 2025, only EVs will be available for ordering as business cars, and by 2022, colleagues who require access to automobiles will be eligible for a “zero tailpipe emissions company car programme.”

The new tires will be tested at the Royal Mail delivery office in West London near Wembley. They have been developed by the manufacturer ENSO. The tires produce fewer particles on the road and help to increase the range of electric vehicles by 11%.

Although electric cars do not emit exhaust gas, their tires emit more particulate matter and road wear due to their higher weight and torque than diesel and gasoline cars, according to the Royal Mail.

Jenny Hall, Royal Mail’s director of corporate relations, said, “We’ve previously stated our intention to convert our fleet to alternative fuel vehicles in order to do the right thing by the communities we serve. It makes sense for us to focus on business automobiles as well, and we believe that this new plan will benefit our workers while also lowering total Company emissions.”

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