How to Address Common Objections to ESG Investing

One of the major concerns many investors have with ESG funds is whether they create a positive impact or if they just look good on paper. As performative activism has become a larger topic of discussion over the past few years, some clients have concerns that ESG funds are just another version of that. As advisors, however, it is our job to spell out exactly what each ESG fund a client has an interest in supports as it relates to their wealth management.Read more

The rise and rise of ESG-linked debt issuance

The increasing focus on ESG has filtered into debt markets and issuers have recognized that presenting a coherent ESG strategy to investors opens up access to new pools of capital and opportunities to lock in favorable pricing.

Issuance of bonds with sustainability-linked pricing ratchets—where issuers pay a lower coupon on their debt if pre-agreed ESG key performance indicators (KPIs) are achieved (or a higher coupon if targets are missed)—increased nearly four-fold, year-on-year, in the first six months of 2021 to US$160 billion, according to the IIF.Read more

Jupiter announces Strategic Investment from ESG focuses Mpower Partners

Jupiter, the main company of predictive records and analytics for weather hazard and resilience, nowadays introduced a prime enlargement of its paintings in Japan. Including an enterprise main Japan-primarily based totally task investor MPower Partners. Jupiter additionally reaffirmed its plans to open a nearby place and recruit a Japan Country Manager to serve the developing range of corporation clients in Asia. Clearvision Ventures and MPower Partners are leading a current funding round, which Jupiter will announce in the coming weeks. MPower, led by former Goldman Sachs Japan Vice Chair and Chief Japan Equity Strategist Kathy Matsui, will support Jupiter’s ongoing business in Japan as well as Jupiter’s expanding ESG practise.Read more

ESG Investing get benefited by Climate Disaster says Report

The recent news for ESG financial backers is that the rushes of terrible ecological news in the course of recent years have been the essential supporter of ongoing speculation execution. That is likewise the awful news on the grounds that, by straightforward financial rationale, the main way ESG systems can keep on beating the more extensive market is through the presence of more and more prominent ecological disasters. Consequently, this harkens to the beginning of supportable contributing when certain organizations were screened out, regardless of whether that implied decreased venture execution. The current rendition of the story highlights the admonition that previous presentation isn’t really demonstrative of future returns, and with regards to ESG procedures, financial backers should be alright with the possibility that the prize is realizing you’re assisting with making the world a superior spot. “ESG financial backers should not anticipate that that high recent performance should proceed,” said Lucian Taylor, Wharton finance professor, and one of the creators of the report, Dissecting Green Returns.Read more

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